Operation: Harsh Doorstop

Operation: Harsh Doorstop cheats – FREE undetectable 3-in-1 tool (Aimbot, ESP, Speedhack)

Operation Harsh Doorstop is a new, free-to-play shooter sandbox game similar to Squad and Arma III but with the twist of giving players the ability to mod the game to an infuriating degree. While all of this is nice, having easy wins is even better, so today we’re giving you a bundle of exclusive 5-in-1 Operation Harsh Doorstop cheats, 100% free.

No anti-cheat in this game… yet

Drakeling Labs, the developer of the game, said that at one point EAC will come to the game. However, until then, OHD officially has no anti-cheat measures, leaving the community to come up with solutions… or other cheats. Of course since you’re reading, we’re assuming the later, so here’s our The Operation: Harsh Doorstop cheat for you. Download by clicking the button below or read below to find out its full features:

GameOperation: Harsh Doorstop
Cheat typeAdjustable aimbot, ESP, Speedhack
Cheat versionv1.1
Cheat statusTested, working
Check date 17/03/2023
Cheat updatev1.1.3 [AquaCheats.com version]
Anti-cheat evasionYES
AV ScanClean


OHD purposefully makes aiming difficult by providing you with no “digital” crosshair and instead forcing you to rely on the gun’s notch for accuracy. Our Operation Harsh Doorstop cheat fixes that inconvenience by giving you the following:

  • A digital crosshair
  • Autoaim for enemies
  • Auto cycle between enemies
  • Configure preferred targetted body part (head, torso, legs, or random choice)
  • Auto trigger (Toggle key: Shift + F6)


Moving at normal speed around the maps in this game can be tedious. That’s why we offer a solution that is unlike any other Operation Harsh Doorstop cheats: a genuine speedhack. Set your speed to be 10% (if you want to remain stealthy), 50% more, or go up to even a 400% increase to emulate Speedy Gonzales. Just make sure that no one else sees your human Bugatti, or you might get reported 😉


Being a tactical shooter, an ESP cheat for Operation Harsh Doorstop only completes the trifecta of what all Operation Harsh Doorstop cheats should have. This ESP allows you to spot your enemies through walls, terrain and anything else that’s blocking your view by highlighting their models. The additional info like hitpoints and current weapon gives you the ability to never be ambushed or caught by the opposing team ever again.

Also a custom overlay mini-map with enemy positions is available through the Shift + F7 combination.

Anti-cheat detection & bypass

As mentioned in the beginning of this article, OHD still does not have anti-cheat measures implemented. However, if you want to keep your account safe, we recommend that you get ours because we have done the work in advance to prevent EAC, shall it ever get implemented.

By using a mix between memory injection and kernel level syscalls, we can bypass EAC for a long time to come. Let us know if you find this in any other OHD cheat. We bet you won’t 😉

Ready to start fragging?

Download our free Operation Harsh Doorstop cheats bundle by clicking the button below:

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