GTA 5 Cheats – Top 5 Free Undetected Mod Menus for v1.66+

Rockstar Games’ GTA 5 takes place in the fictional state of San Andreas (based on Southern California), following the stories of three major characters as they explore the gritty underbelly of the criminal underworld. But while Grand Theft Auto 5’s single-player component is part of the game, the most attention and playtime today still goes to the game’s multiplayer aspect. With millions of players and fierce competition, almost everyone cheats at the game. Here are some of the best GTA 5 cheats and mod menus that work with v1.66+ of the game and are still undetected in 2023.

Which GTA 5 cheats are still safe to use in 2023?

Since Grand Theft Auto 5’s debut in 2013, countless game cheats, mod menus and hacks have been developed for the game. Regular hacks, also known as external or mod menus, are the most common ones. This 5-in-1 bundle we offer today give you the best GTA 5 mod menus in one package. Download below or read on to see all features:

Cheat typeMoneyhack, Flyhack, Vehicle spawn, Teleport, Aimbot, ESP + more
Cheat versionv11.0
Cheat statusTested, working
Check date 17/03/2023
Cheat updatev11.5 [ version]
Anti-cheat evasionSilent DirectX wrapper
AV ScanClean

AquaCheats GTA 5 Cheats features

Classic features

Classic features found in most GTA 5 cheats are there: model swapper, enemy and item ESP, aimbot, teleport, wanted level, fly hack, no fall damage, and many others are included in this bundle. As the AquaLoader pops up you will have the option to choose between classic, experimental and fun features.


While there are other features included in this bundle, unlike other GTA 5 cheats, this one focuses on recovery options, so a huge portion of the interface is recovery-oriented. Perks include a 6 million dollar money recovery technique that is undetectable along with some simple account unlocks. Please DON’T add more than 50 million a day to your account with this tool, as you will most likely get flagged.

Money methods

Included are numerous other ways to add money. The nightclub safe money, bunker money, and hangar money techniques are SAFE for all accounts. Other experimental modes have been added to mimic popular GTA 5 cheats (Kiddions Mod Menu for one) but due to the high detection risk, we advise using only those which have a “recommended” tag.

Vehicle edit & spawn

Create any GTA V car you desire by using the in-game menu (Shortcut: F10). Additionally this enables you to modify your vehicle in the mod store using the LSCHax hack. You can use this as an additional money method by customizing Elegy vehicles (be careful though: if you sell more than 2 cars in 2 hours, or any such similar behavior – your account will most likely be banned).

See this video of the feature in action:

Undetectable even in 2023

It’s no secret that most GTA 5 cheats are detected nowadays. We use a custom memory injection technique that does not hook to usual methods detected by anti-cheat. Thus, the file itself will stay clean and undetected for long time to come… Just please use some common sense and avoid abusing the money feature to get 100 million dollars or 20 custom cars in 30 minutes. Keep it low to avoid bans, ok?

To download the GTA 5 AquaCheats bundle, click the button below and follow the instructions:

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