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Aqua Cheats curates and publishes game cheats from many online sources such as forums, blogs and specialist websites. In itself, Aqua Cheats is nothing more than an aggregator website that compiles the best cheats out there into one tested bundle. Having said that, Aqua Cheats does not claim ownership or copyright over any of these works. Each game cheat or hack that is mentioned comes with attribution.

However we recognize that even if many of these works are posted in the public domain with no copyright notice, the owners and developers have the right to request removal from the main Aqua Cheats bundle, at any time and for any reason.

If you are the author, please use the form on this page below to do so.

NO files stored on servers

Aqua Cheats does NOT host any game cheat, hack or software tool on its servers. All download links that can be found on these pages lead to file hosts, or websites that belong to the developers themselves. Although we take great care to make sure that all posted links are safe and tested, Aqua Cheats bears no responsibility as to the final destination and content of the linked websites.

With that said, the privacy and security of our visitors is of utmost importance. If for you have detected malicious activity or have security concerns about any of the external links or downloads that we link to, please let us know using the form below.

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