Hi kids & kitties.

A little back story about who we are and why we created this whole thing:

Aqua Cheats came out of our frustration with finding working, updated and undetected cheats and hacks for our favourite games.

After a while of testing many community-created cheats, we (darkbl00m and diethyl_ros3mary) wanted to gather the best ones, update the ones that were open source, and for those games that didn’t have cheats, or were in dire need of updates and anti-cheat evasion code, we pooled our programming skills together to create the Aqua Cheats bundle.

We’re gamers at heart ♥

We like to have a good time…

And yes, sometimes, we want to get back at those who think they are above it all 👹

Whether it’s in subtle, almost unobservable ways… that will frustrate them… and [email protected]#! with their minds for weeks to come… never knowing if you’re that good or if you’re using some kind of cheat tool (which they will never be able to prove).

Or just making smug “1337” players enter rage mode and destroy some PC keyboards and screens (NOTE: Aqua Cheats does not endorse violence or destruction of personal property. Please game responsibly 😁)

What can we say, we’ve got a bit of Chaotic Evil in us 😈

So here at Aqua Cheats we want to help you get good at the game faster.

Or if you just want to have a grand old time and break the rules – you can use our work for that as well!

Our efforts are 100% self-sustained. Meaning we don’t sell cheats like others do, so please consider sending us a donation to our BTC address if we helped you frag 😉


Here’s to pwning those suckas into oblivion.

See you online on a server right next to you 😉

darkbl00m & diethyl_ros3mary

[31 January 2023] - v0.1 
* First release of AquaCheats